Drinking The Night Away. Salaryman Style!

On any given Friday or Saturday night, I will see at least seven unconscious salary men sprawled across the neon lit streets of Tokyo. Now this is completely normal in Japan and no one here shows even the slightest hint of concern. After all, these salary men work insane shifts which are followed by excessive drinking with colleagues to unwind and bitch about their bosses. Fair play to them.

Personally, it’s one of the things that attracts me to this country! When these men enter ‘drunk mode’ they gain the ability to sleep on any surface, under any noise condition and in positions that are sure to give you a stiff spine the next morning. The Japanese are experts in sleeping hands down. Let’s take a look at some pictures I managed to take as well as some classics found on the net…

What's funnier is that I was dressed up as Super Mario while taking this picture

Taking a quick nap before riding the train home

Drunk with style!

My two friends. I left them there and that's how they were the next morning

He must have woken with pins and needles in his feet!

See, I told you. It's completely normal!

Good thing the trains in Tokyo are spotless, eh?

"Once the doors open, please mind the unconscious man when leaving the train."

I wonder what these women are thinking...

You can just tell how good his night was...

The thing is, lying in the middle of the red light district is completely safe! No one would dare let themselves fall asleep on the streets or public transport in most other countries. I guess the salary men take the phrase “Work hard, play harder” quite seriously…

It doesn’t end there my friend. This phrase also applies to official government members as seen below:

Which of these pieces of modern art are your favourites? Got any you’d like to show? Well dump them all in our comments section below!

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