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By far my most memorable scene in Zelda history!

Let’s kick off the Flashbacks series with none other than my most cherished gaming memory. BakaPad presents, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Removing the Master Sword.

The Ocarina of Time was my first contact with the Zelda series and will always be the game I cherish most. I first laid eyes upon this timeless masterpiece when I was twelve years old, and was utterly flabbergasted by the sense of freedom and adventure it emanated. That very day I ordered my mum to drive me to my local game retailer (Electronics Boutique at the time) and bought my very own copy.

Though this game has overwhelmed me with delightful memories, my most vivid one without a doubt was when I pulled the Master Sword out of the pedestal. It was late into the night when I acquired my third and final spiritual stone from Lord Jabu-Jabu, which would then allow me to enter deep into the Temple of Time. As excited as I was, I composed myself and switched the N64 off.

The reason for this was because I wanted something big to look forward to the next day. In all of my eighteen years of gaming, that was the only time I stopped playing a game because it was too exciting. I honestly believe I will never have an experience like that again. To tell the truth though, I don’t want another experience like that because that’s part of its charm, is it not?

After I claimed the Master Sword, I was horrified at what happened to Hyrule. Hyrule market was crawling with zombies, Zora River was frozen over and Lake Hylia had been drained of all it’s pure water. However, travelling through time allowed Link to equip many useful items such as the Hyrulian shield and Bow & Arrow to name a few. Let’s not forget you were able to ride Epona!

Do you have any Gaming flashbacks you would like to share with us? Then head down to our Flashback Thread in the Forums and relive the nostalgia!

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