How Games Saved My Life

For the majority, games are a source of fun and stress-release. For the minority, however, games save their lives.

The following testimonial is from a young man who discusses how, following his brother’s death, he played Metal Gear Solid 4 in order to honour his late sibling’s memory. He also managed to discover a sense of peace upon completion…

I was never a really big “gamer” before my brother died. It was sort of his thing; he played all sorts of games, ranging from ‘Final Fantasy’ to ‘Need for Speed’. Among all the games he played, though, the Metal Gear Solid series was his favorite. I remember watching him play it over and over but I never actually played the game myself.

I remember after he passed away, I was in bad shape. My brother was only a year younger than me. He was my best friend. I would sit around and constantly be miserable – I would just cry and get angry. After a week or two of that, I noticed that Metal Gear Solid 4 had come out. I was heart broken. I knew that was my brother’s favorite series and now he would never be able to conclude the story he loved so much. So I made a decision to finish it for him.

I didn’t have a clue about the story and had to start from the beginning. I got my brother’s ‘Metal Gear Solid one’ disk and began the best week of my life. I played through all four games. I started on Monday and finished the following Saturday night at 2am. I was swept in by the story that game had to offer, from the events at Shadow Moses to the epic conclusion on top of Outer Haven. I instantly loved every minute of it.

What was weird, however, was that, as I was playing through each game, I felt like my brother was there watching me and encouraging me to go on and not to give up. When I finished, I felt that I hadn’t just beat the game for myself. I beat it for both of us.

I was sad, but I knew that my brother, who was in a better place, had seen what I did and I got the feeling he was glad I had done it for him. I had achieved a goal that before I never would have. Not only did I love the games, the character Snake was inspiring; he dealt with so much death and misfortune and was able to put it behind him and still achieve his goal. In many ways, I think his character also inspired me to keep going on and not give up even though life gave me lemons.

I had completed my brother favorite series and in turn gained a new hobby that took my mind off of all the negativity and sadness surrounding his death. In fact, I loved the game so much I got a tattoo as a reminder of what that series means to me. Without Metal Gear, I don’t know what I would have done. Snake didn’t just save the world, he saved me.

metal gear tattoo

His memory will live on forever

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  • CostFreeCulture

    I’m happy for this chap, that he was able to play MGS4 for his brother.

    I’ve begun to re-experience the romance of video games lately myself, but this really is a unique experience.

    • Francesco Agresti

      Which games have re-kindled that romance? I’m sure I can recommend plenty more games…