Ice Cream City: Dare To Try Their Ice Cream?

‘Japan’ and ‘strange’ are words often associated with each other. Ice cream is no exception. Well, at least not for Ice Cream City! This Ice Cream heaven (or Hell) is located in an indoor theme park named Namja Town, which lies inside the Sunshine City shopping complex in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Namja Town was actually opened by Namco (one of the leading Japanese game developing and publishing companies) in 1996.

That cat at the entrance knows what your in for...

This is where you can sit and enjoy your pot of heaven

Within the Ice cream City section there are ten ice cream stores, selling countless types of flavours, both normal and wacky. Now when I say wacky, I mean revolting… Take a look at the flavours one particular store has on offer. Which one would tickle your fancy?


– Cow Tongue

Take your pick...

– Raw Horse Flesh

– Indian Curry

– Salt

– Yakisoba

– Garlic

– Octopus

– Squid

– Sweet Potato

– Snake

– Human Toenails (Just kidding. But I don’t see why not!)

My friends and I have tried a few of these and they taste just as bad as they sound. These terrifying flavours come in little pots and come with a 500 yen (£3.50) price tag on it. I honestly can’t fathom how the ice cream manufacturers responsible for these abominable creations stay in business. Especially since they are quite expensive and extremely disgusting!

Yakisoba. It doesn't taste as bad as it looks but I still couldn't finish it!

Yeah I know, it’s the whole intrigue of trying something so new and ridiculous, which I myself am guilty for. But considering these flavours are only sold in this one store along with the fact that these ice creams are pretty much inedible, I’m sure that 99% of all customers aren’t asking for second helpings…

Spoilt for choice, eh?

They all smell like the original thing too!

Don’t get me wrong though. I love the place because places like these are what make Tokyo so interesting! Put this on your ‘To do list’ is a must when coming to Japan. Just don’t forget your sick bag.

Here's how to get there if you ever find yourself in Ikebukuro

15 minute walk from Ikebukuro Station
daily 10:00-22:00
300 Yen (Namja Town)

Now the images above are all very well and good, but let’s see some reactions to properly convey these horrific tastes…

Have you ever had the fortune to try any of these Ice Creams? If not, which ones would you like to try out? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  • FoodFacts dotus

    The salt one intrigues me. I wonder if it’s like a sweet/salty take on it. It’s probably just really salty.