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12 Random Facts About Japanese Schools

Japanese schools are unique in many different ways. We put together a random list of interesting facts.

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TokyoFran’s Blog: My absolute FINAL school day

So the day has finally come. I finished my last day at school. I doubt I’ll ever be working in a Japanese school again because I start my new job tomorrow, so this is really the end of an era. I only taught [...]

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TokyoFran’s Blog: The end of a chapter. The start of a new one

Last Friday was my last day at one of the schools I work at. As I kinda expected, I received message cards from all the classes during my final lessons and I even got small plants to boot! It’s always sad knowing you’ll [...]

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TokyoFran’s Blog: My Two New Schools Begin!

As you know already, I left my 2 schools last March as the school year had ended and my company no longer had a contract with the Suginami ward. But now I’m working for 2 other schools in the Setagaya ward and so [...]

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TokyoFran’s Blog: Last Day At School

Even though not planned, I just had to write about this! Today was my last day at my 2nd (and favourite) Junior High School, which was quite sad… Thinking it was the last time I was gonna see these kids was hard to [...]

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TokyoFran’s Blog: School Days

Before I start I just wanna let you guys know that I have broken up with my girlfriend for complicated reasons. We don’t hate each other or anything like that, but yeah I’m sure most of you know already by now. Life goes [...]

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TokyoFran’s Blog: Junior High School Special!

I remember the good old days when I was in secondary school… Those were the best years of my childhood. Now it’s like going back in time as I work in a Junior high school (ages 12-15) in Tokyo now. Of course the [...]

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