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Before I start I just wanna let you guys know that I have broken up with my girlfriend for complicated reasons. We don’t hate each other or anything like that, but yeah I’m sure most of you know already by now. Life goes on I guess… Speaking of life, within 2 days I encountered two deaths so to speak. One of the Japanese YouTubers Roger Swan passed away at the age of 23 and he was an English teacher like me. I was stunned at the news and it just reinforced my belief in enjoying life while you have it. Please watch Tokyo Cooneys tribute to him –

Then the next day I had a great time drinking with some friends and ended up doing an all night karaoke with some randomers. To my amazement they were celebrating the birthday of their friend who had passed away 1 year ago. It was meant to be his 35th birthday. They had a photo frame of him and they were singing his favourite songs in memory. I didn’t know the guy at all but I really felt touched to see everyone having fun for him and It made me think twice about things.

With all the negative stuff out of the way, let’s move on! So I’m in my 3rd month of teaching at the Junior High School and I must say it is good. It’s the students that make my day and it’s really down to the unique individuals that make an interesting class. There’s so much to say so I’m sure there’ll be some things I’ll miss out on but here we go.

As you know, I work in two different schools and they have a very different feel to each other e.g. one doesn’t wear uniforms and there are a lot more students (no bad boys either as such). Let me tell you some interesting stories about the students…

There’s a group of 3rd year girls (15 years old) that I like, as they are really fun and they’re not afraid to speak. They ask me all kinds of questions about my ex girlfriend (I won’t bother telling them I split up as it’s too much hassle) like is she cute, who in our class does she look like etc.

Apparently one of them likes me so they always giggle like typical school girls and shout out stuff like “I love you” down the corridor. In the same class there are other really interesting students too (my favourite class in fact). There’s this one boy who is absolutely hilarious! He’s so perverted and he doesn’t hide it at all! Here’s some questions I asked to students over the past few weeks and these were his replies:

Q. Do you want a girlfriend?

His Answer: “No, because then I won’t be able to play with any other horny girls”

Q. Do you think Valentine’s Day is a good idea?

His Answer: “No because it’s troublesome to send presents to my girls all over the world”

Q. What was your best memory in school?

His Answer: “Making love to my girlfriend every day and it was very very exciting!”  (it was a joke)

I was amazed at his English level and he’s pretty clever. He’s a great guy so don’t look down on him. He’s my favourite male student as he makes me laugh and it’s great to mark his work. He wrote some other crazy stuff but I can’t write it here… If you wanna know then just ask me. There’s this other guy who is obsessed with a certain girl (the girl who likes me in fact) as he always writes about her in my questions. The whole school knows about it but the girl hates him! At least he doesn’t give up. My question to him was:

Q. If you had 1,000,000 yen what would you buy?

His answer: “I would buy Sayuri (the girl) and make her love me”

Classic! The group of girls actually asked their teacher to bring me and join the lesson I wasn’t scheduled for so they could talk to me. I felt honoured. I played football with the 12 year olds today and it reminded me how unfit I was… After I was so out of breath and I’m sure my legs will ache tomorrow…

I ate lunch with my favourite class this week and it was way better then eating with teachers. There’s a boy who returned from America so his English is pretty fluent. We were talking about the differences between cultures and girls. I’m the students friend rather then a teacher. That’s the way I like it and that’s the way it should be. GTO style.

In the other school there’s another group of girls who are really cool. One told me she was my fan so I had no idea how to react other then “Thank you very much”. She always laughs which is nice to see in a class. They were looking at a magazine about foreign celebrities and they are obsessed with Zack Effron. I told them that he is a drug addict! Oh, remember the girl I gave a private lesson to?

This week she gave me a letter to say thank you which really touched me. It’s such a Japanese thing to do and it made me feel like I’m making a difference for them (as insignificant as it may be). I love working with kids as I can really relate to them, and I guess they see me as more of a friend since our age range is quite close. Her message was, and I quote:

“Dear Frank, Thank you for the private lessons. I passed an entrance exam!! Your advice was a great help to me. I’ll study English more hard at high school. Thank you for your great help again. From Azumi”

Her English is amazing for her age since her auntie speaks fluent English. She even added a little puri kura sticker of her and her friends on it (see pic below)! I have pride in that girl I do. Well there’s a lot of other stuff I can say but I’ve rambled on for far too long. Would like to see more comments from you guys onegai shimasu! Thanks for reading.


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